We provide our clinicians with an excellent core list of materials to provide NHS care and deliver great, effective results. In addition, we provide access to hundreds of products for you to deliver private care. If you have any bespoke requirements, we are always happy to help you.


Rodericks do not restrict the labs you use as long as they meet our standards and manufacture appliances in the UK – all of our measures are in the interests of ensuring you and your patients are protected.

In addition, we provide access to our own dental laboratory which you are welcome to use upon availability to accept new clients. Oral Ceramics provides NHS, private and specialist work at exceptionally low prices that are exclusively for Rodericks Clinicians – the same high quality and workmanship at incredible rates from a lab with a successful 40 year history and a vastly skilled team. Furthermore, as part of the group you are well placed to influence the quality outcomes from the lab so you always feel closer to Oral Ceramics than any other lab.

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