Joining from Outside of the UK?

Are You an EEA Dentist Looking to Work in England & Wales? Enjoy the Benefits of Working with Rodericks

By joining our team you will have access to excellent benefits. You receive automatic enrolment onto the Rodericks Dental Training Faculty, providing you with:

  • A comprehensive Induction Programme
  • Core CPD
  • Hands-on study days
  • Bespoke training required to develop your skills to the required standards in England and Wales and by the NHSE and HIW

Making the decision to move to a new country is difficult enough. Our team will be on hand to advise you about potential locations to live and any other information required to help you settle into your new life as smoothly as possible. We’ll give you a guided tour of potential practices for you to work from and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about your future.

Support from a Dedicated Validation Supervisor (VS)

Our VS’s are carefully selected by experienced dentists with training experience. We want to ensure that your training and support is aligned to our values and ethos.

Learn from an experienced dentist with a commitment to helping you develop your skills and gain the required experience to receive your full performer number. With day-to-day support, as well as assessment and feedback sessions with your VS, you are on the right path to a career with Rodericks and establishing yourself as an NHS care provider.

Continuing Your Career Journey

Once you have completed the required steps as a PVLE, we’ll support you in obtaining a permanent Associate role in one of our practices. We’ll start talking to you around 3 months before the end of your training period to ensure a well planned and smooth transition into your new role.

From there, your career is what you make of it. We are committed to supporting our dentists in the development of new skills and in providing new services to their patients. Whether you want to offer short-term orthodontic treatments, train in Implantology or study towards an MSc, let us know and we will provide the support and flexibility to help you achieve your personal goals.

To join us you must have an appropriate degree (qualification) and experience to deliver general dentistry and hold a current English language test pass. Our team will talk you through all the documentation we will need from you.

Contact our Recruitment Team today to find out about potential opportunities. Or email your CV, covering letter and details of any vacancies you may be interested in and we’ll be pleased to help.

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